Competition isn't always about the win

posted by Jackie Rolow, SPHR on Tuesday, August 21, 2018 in SHAZAM Blog

Recently, I was at a regional swim meet with my daughter, Rachel, who’s 12. She wasn’t swimming with her normal team or for her regular coach. She swam for Team Iowa — made up of swimmers from all over the state. On our way home, I asked her what she liked most about the last four days of swimming.

While I waited for her response, I was trying to guess what she was going to say. Surely it was going to be that she podiumed. Or the medals she won. Or it was going to be the time drops she had in 9 of the 10 races she swam. Or maybe it was going to be the walk during the Parade of Champions. I wasn’t sure which one she would go with …

After a short bit, she said, “Momma, it’s between three things,” and she proceeded to list them. “My coach was so happy and her smile was so big when I gave her my thank you gift. She loved her t-shirt and told me no one had ever done that for her. Or, it was when we got the group picture taken with my new friends and we exchanged Snapchat contact info. Or, it might be when I had the afternoon off from racing and we went back to the hotel and got under the covers and just talked. That was so relaxing and fun!”

WOW. That’s when I realized – I was looking at it all wrong. She is loving the fun, the friendships, the giving spirit, and downtime with me, rather than the competition and being a faster swimmer.

So, I challenge you to focus on the fun, friendships and relationships, and the spirit of giving and see where that takes you with your team. See where it takes you with your customers.

While we may not be better swimmers, I bet it will make us better people.


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