Routing Choice

Pick the best routing choices for you.

Managed routing gives YOU the opportunity to send debit card transactions to the most economical debit network with the lowest fees. SHAZAM is one of the industry’s preferred independent debit networks driving payment innovation on real-time debit rails.

routing choice = reduced costs

Saving Pennies on Each Transaction Makes a Big Difference

With choice comes power. When you choose SHAZAM, you can reduce payment acceptance costs.

  • Hold down costs for your business and your customers
  • Better customer payment experience
  • PINless transaction options and support
  • Maintain high approval rates
  • No increased liability to you
You Have the Power to Pick a Lane

We can help you determine the order of your network routing preferences based on networks available on a card. Our payment network merchant fees are lower, plus encompass all payment experiences such as card present, instore, drive thru, mobile and ecommerce.

Are you ready to gain better value from your routing choices?

Contact us to learn more about how to get started today!

global networks cost you more SHAZAM costs you less