Security and Compliance

Our Experts Become Your Experts With SHAZAM Secure

Keeping up with the complex and ever-changing world of information technology (IT) security, risk and compliance is challenging. SHAZAM Secure® provides a menu of security services so you can pick what’s right for you. Tap into years of industry and real-world expertise and bring this knowledge to your community financial institution. Our own internal auditors, risk consultants and network security analysts — the very best in the business — will work for you and help keep your institution safe and secure.

Plus, advice and support are available before, during and after your assessments, exams and courses. Easy-to-follow reports help you develop a plan to correct deficiencies and implement recommendations.

Risk, regulatory and IT exams and assessments

As new technologies and compliance demands increase, so does the need to better understand your risk exposure and ensure conformity with regulatory guidelines.

ACH Exam

As one of only 10 accredited ACH associations, SHAZAM's uniquely qualified to review your ACH policies and procedures. Our accredited ACH professional (AAP) will evaluate your ACH operations and ensure compliance with NachaTM rules.

BSA Exam

Money laundering costs financial institutions billions of dollars every year. Failure to maintain BSA / AML compliance may result in civil and criminal penalties as well as reputational risk. Our risk-based approach follows the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council’s (FFIEC) BSA / AML manual and reviews your OFAC program, customer identification program, due diligence of deposit accounts, independent transactional testing and other key areas.

IT Exam

A full evaluation of your information security and IT policies, procedures and controls will determine the adequacy of your security and risk management efforts. Our IT exam identifies areas where you’re most at risk and provides a detailed review of your environment to confirm compliance with FFIEC guidelines. Recommended actions are provided as a roadmap to ensure your institution has a well-secured and compliant IT environment.

Cybersecurity Assessment

Cybersecurity threats continue to grow at an alarming rate. FFIEC guidance strongly encourages proper mitigation of these sophisticated cybersecurity threats. Our cybersecurity assessment follows recommended FFIEC procedures to put you in front of the curve.

Cybersecurity and technical security

The evolution of cyberattacks and technical attacks moves at the speed of light. It's important to understand weaknesses within your systems to protect your sensitive data against theft.

External Security Assessment

Using leading-edge software scanning tools and manual techniques, our external security assessment looks for areas that may be exposed to malicious attack through your firewall or by social engineering.

Internal Security Assessment

Evaluate the quality of your internal network’s technical control by performing a thorough scan of all internal IP addresses. Our internal security assessment prioritizes potential vulnerabilities by risk level so you can focus on correcting the most important items first.

Social Engineering Assessment

As your employees gather online information and unintentionally download viruses and malware, your entire network could be compromised with the click of a button. We test your employees’ responses to a simulated attack and provide feedback on leading practices to better secure your organization against social engineering threats.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test exploits the vulnerabilities found in the internal and external security assessments through proof-of-concept attacks. These tests help you better understand the extent to which an attacker can exploit vulnerabilities through the destruction of systems, denial of service, theft of data and other malicious actions.

Web Application Testing

Your website can be a portal for hackers to launch an attack on your network. Our web application assessment reviews critical security issues within web applications and conducts tests to identify threats and evaluate the overall risk of your website.

Managed Firewall

Your firewall is the first line of defense against external threats. Managing this critical security element is a full-time commitment. Let our professional staff provide 24/7 intrusion detection / prevention monitoring and response service. Customized monthly reports demonstrate the quality and value of this service to your executive management and board of directors.