Webinars and Online Courses

The SHAZAM client learning team has 150 years of combined experience in the financial services industry. We put that experience to work every day, helping teams working in banks and credit unions to sharpen their skills through numerous webinars and online recording offerings.

Webinars let you learn from anywhere

Join the SHAZAM experts for live, virtual learning events. Throughout the webinar you can interact with the presenters, ask questions, and provide feedback — all without leaving your workplace. Plus, whether you join alone or as a group, the price is the same.  

Webinars offer no travel hassles, unlimited participation, and lower per-employee training costs.

Webinar content you can expect:

  • Operational
  • Industry experts
  • Compliance
  • Marketing

Prefer a webinar recording?

Available for purchase a la carte. Complimentary recordings are included with paid live events.

Self-paced online learning courses    

With SHAZAM's self-paced learning courses, your employees can complete coursework at their own pace, in a space and time that is most conducive to their learning. The format appeals to self-directed learners who prefer a highly flexible option. 

Benefits to you

  • Greatest flexibility in skill-building through independent study
  • Practical applications with real-life practice scenarios
  • Suitable for people who prefer to learn without human interactions

SHAZAM's self-paced online learning courses are in addition to the individual training we already provide for most products and services. We're continuously creating online learning opportunities to meet your needs.