In 1976, our founder Dale Dooley had an innovative vision for the future of payments. He believed in the possibility of community financial institutions processing electronic payments quickly and securely, but also cost-effectively.


Strengthening community financial institutions.

As a national member-owned corporation, SHAZAM doesn’t answer to shareholders, giving us the freedom to do what’s right for our participants. Whether it’s developing superior products, offering regulatory guidance or providing educational support, we’re here to save community financial institutions money and reinvest in their success.

Vibrant communities located in small towns, suburbs or big-city neighborhoods, inspire our mission. Community financial institutions strengthen and improve the local community. They’re the foundation of the American dream with ideals of opportunity, equality, independence, success, and prosperity. Knowing that people in local communities directly benefit from our mission is why we turn on the lights every morning.


Be THE trusted partner providing answers, choice and innovation through delightful experiences.

During the past several decades, the industry has undergone significant changes. We’ve witnessed an explosion of technology, a shift in consumer behavior and new waves of industry regulations. As the financial services sector evolves, so do we. We’re on course with an unprecedented investment into innovation, research and development to deliver solutions that protect the future of community financial institutions. We’re preparing for the next generation of consumers, ensuring our participants have the products and services they demand and expect in a cost-effective way.

Despite our growth, we haven’t lost sight of the reason we’re in business. Our clients are our partners, trusting us to hold high standards of integrity and honesty. We hope our clients always consider us THE trusted partner for advice, guidance, experience and expertise.

Core Values

Integrity: We strive to always do the right thing, whether it’s providing great services at the lowest possible cost or interacting with our teammates.

Commitment: We’re committed to providing community financial institutions with memorable experiences that go beyond great customer service. Our clients are more than a name on a contact list — they’re our partner.

Dependable: Other companies might promise fixed pricing, but after contracts are signed, hidden fees are revealed. At SHAZAM, we stand by our word, deliver on promises and do what we say we’ll do.

Independent: Providing choice and flexibility is a cornerstone of our business model. By leveraging open architecture, we promise to deliver integration services to meet our clients’ unique needs. They’re able to pick and choose services that work for them — not the other way around.

Fair: As a growing business, we need to generate revenue, but not at the expense of our clients. Rooted in our member-owned business model, it’s our belief that all financial institutions, regardless of size, are entitled to the same features, services, and affordable rates.