Crisis Management

Keep Everyone Safe With Crisis Management Training

Strong security deters attacks, protects your staff and reduces risk to your reputation. SHAZAM’s experienced crisis management consultants will train your team to decrease vulnerabilities and put protective measures in place before a crisis. Plus, crisis management training is required as part of your business continuity plan.

Benefits for you

Effective crisis management training works best when it’s held at your location. Our experienced consultants will:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your procedures and physical security elements
  • Educate you about robbery strategies
    • How to spot suspicious activity
    • The steps to arbitrate a robbery
    • Compliance requirements
  • Help you identify different types of active shooters
  • Teach you the correct steps to take during the crisis
    • Deal with the recovery process of psychological first aid and reunification

Your staff will then test your robbery plan and run through an active shooter scenario-based practical exercise.

Courses available through SHAZAM

Robbery course

This one-hour, on-location training course provides you with realistic skills to prepare, respond and recover in a robbery situation. Participants are presented with different scenarios, tips to spot suspicious activity, mediation steps and compliance requirements. Your robbery plan will also be tested in a mock robbery with a follow-up consultation.

Active shooter workshop

Ten minutes is all it takes for most shooter incidents. Prepare your employees to handle a potential crisis with this one-hour, on location interactive workshop. Participants learn about the different types of workplace violence, steps to take during and after an incident, and the recovery process of psychological first aid and reunification.

Threat assessment

Help deter tragedy from striking your business by understanding security matters under your control. The site threat assessments at your locations identify strengths and weaknesses within your training, procedures and physical security elements. Recommendations are provided so you can proactively take control of your sites.

Invite your community to participate in our training

You’ll have the opportunity to invite business owners, city officials and law enforcement to participate in training and work together to fight crime. Learn to identify the criminal thought process, opportunities for theft and to conduct an interview to regain losses.

Internal retail theft presentation

Internal retail theft is a $50 billion enterprise in the United States. In this one-hour presentation, we identify how criminals steal and the actions commercial clients can take to save their bottom line. Learn how to eliminate theft opportunities and conduct an interview to regain losses.

Skimming and card cloning presentation

When you understand the fine details of skimming and card cloning, everyone stays safe. Learn to identify internal and external skimmers and PIN-capturing cameras at the ATM, POS and gas pumps. Real-life photos and videos highlight how thieves set up these devices and steal from your cardholders and merchants. A live demonstration emphasizes how quick and easy it is to clone a card and make an immediate transaction.