Digital Banking

Offer an intuitive user experience 

As a full-service provider, we're committed to continuously delivering top-notch products and services. Our digital banking solution offers an intuitive user experience giving your accountholders the flexibility to stay active in their busy lives while conveniently managing their finances within minutes. 

Benefits for you

  • Can integrate with any third-party core banking software.
  • Accountholders can quickly check real-time balances, pay bills, transfer funds to internal accounts, receive alerts and much more.
  • Staff can quickly access accountholder details and activity, manage the products you offer online, and more within an easy to use interface. 

What other features does it offer?

We offer cohesive customized branding and provide easy-to-follow instructions for both you and your accountholders. Users can readily view accounts and monthly statements, pay bills, transfer funds and more in real time. And, it's a seamless experience from laptop to mobile to tablet.

Our administrative tool provides reports and dashboards for quick access to key account activity and insights on how your users are engaging the solution. 

Control Admin Tool

Digital banking comes with a highly customizable administrative tool called Control. It allows you to self-service accounts, create and adjust settings, send messages, view reports and dashboards, and more. 

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