Financial Institutions

As a nonprofit company, owned by the community banks and credit unions we serve, SHAZAM offers a unique perspective and unmatched level of flexibility and choice that helps you compete and become more profitable.

Boost your Net Interchange profitability

Selecting the right network partner may not be at the top of your list – but it should be. Why? Because when you choose the right partner, your debit card program has the potential to become one of the top non-interest income generators for your institution.

Too often community financial institutions select a payments network based on its gross interchange rate. And unfortunately, this doesn't allow you to see the full story. When you choose the SHAZAM Payments Network, your potential to earn more net interchange revenue increases.

Our advice:

ALWAYS make sure you’re looking at the full picture and choosing your payments network partner based on net interchange and not gross interchange. To do so, simply take the gross interchange rate and subtract your issuer fees. The result is your net interchange. It’s important to us that you make an informed decision.

We’re not accountable to shareholders — we’re accountable to you. From the expertise and influence we deliver through our work with the Debit Network Alliance and Secure Payments Partnership — to our legislative advocacy and education work that’s focused on ensuring your success, SHAZAM puts action behind the words. Only when you succeed — do we succeed.

Give cardholders the services they need

The Network facilitates the services you need to drive efficiencies and ensure your card stays top of wallet and your cardholders have convenient access to their money.


We're not just a PIN network 

We're capable of processing all types of transactions including:

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