SHAZAM Debit Rewards

Increase Debit Card Usage And Build Loyalty With Debit Rewards

With SHAZAM Debit Rewards, your cardholders have a chance to win great prizes, helping you increase debit card usage and build cardholder loyalty. The more your cardholders use their debit cards, the more chances they’ll have to win valuable prizes all while generating additional revenue for your financial institution.

Participating is easy and free. After you sign up, your cardholders are entered to win every time they use their debit cards to make a point-of-sale purchase. SHAZAM then handles all the administrative tasks for you, including selecting the winners and providing the prizes.

Benefits for you

  • Increase debit card usage
  • Build cardholders loyalty
  • Generate additional revenue
  • Automatic re-enrollment in future campaigns

Before the start of each campaign, you’ll receive your professionally designed marketing kit so you can promote the program to your cardholders through the following marketing materials:

Wondering how the prizes work?

During each quarterly campaign, SHAZAM randomly selects eight winners every month and one grand prize winner at the end of each campaign. We’ll notify you and supply the prize when your cardholder wins; then you award the prize!

You can also guarantee a winner from your cardholder base. Contact our marketing team to learn more.


SHAZAM Debit Rewards Promotes And Increases Awareness Of Your Debit Card Program

And we’ve got the results to prove it. Our SHAZAM Debit Rewards case study shows institutions enrolled in the program see higher average transactions and spend per cardholder, per month.

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