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Nicola CoreTM provides a reliable, proven and competitively priced core system which can be tailored for your specific needs with a variety of options. Our highly-trained team has an average of 14 years of experience each.

Our experienced staff is made up of experts with real-world banking experience which means we understand how important it is to help you maximize your bank’s earnings within the regulatory and competitive challenges of the marketplace.


With eStatements your bank customers receive their monthly statements, including item images, directly to their email address. Customers can access their bank statement when and where they want while your bank saves time and money by eliminating statement preparation and postage.

Document Imaging

Nicola Document Imaging allows users to access and manage the ever-increasing amounts of information being stored. Replace paper with digitized images by instantly delivering documents to a user’s screen. And because the Nicola Document Imaging is a host-based system, the image can then be shared by several users simultaneously (including remote locations).

Identity Verification

Our Signature Card/ID Verification System allows your bank to collect, store and retrieve your important customer information.

Teller Capture

Teller Capture provides unsurpassed integration in both item capture and non-capture environments. You have access to real-time balance information, dormant/inactive account notification, stop payment and hold information, NSF alerts and other information available on Nicola Core, which means tellers won’t have to leave the core application.

Report Archival

The Nicola Report Archival system allows your bank to store all computer-generated reports, ledgers, and statements, etc.

The Nicola Archival System is a true multiple-user host-based archival system. Easy to use with intuitive screens and instructions, this system shows its value from day one. Plus, seamless integration with the Nicola Core allows view of all reports relating to a customer or account with a single click.

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