Debit Card

SHAZAM delivers a suite of premier debit card services that pave the way for your financial institution to meet cardholder demands and save money on processing. All our debit cards are available with magnetic stripe and chip, or magnetic stripe only and can be customized to match your branding and promote your community.

Card Options To Fit Everyone's Needs

Whether it’s traditional point-of-sale transactions, online or mobile purchases, SHAZAM provides your consumers and business clients with exceptional spending power and flexibility. And, we can help you produce cards on-demand with equipment located at your institution eliminating wait time for your cardholders.

Options available for you

  • PIN debit
  • Business debit
  • Health savings account
  • Instant issue

SHAZAM also has partnerships with respected card plastics vendors to help you provide personalized debit and ATM cards quickly, securely and cost-effectively.

Are you interested in other features available for your new SHAZAM cards?

Learn more about our Hot Card Replacement service that combines the speed today’s consumer demands while keeping you in control of how the reissue is handled.

Another great place to start is looking into our Brella® app. We provide a mobile app that allows your cardholders to access their card information, receive fraud alerts, pause their card and locate ATMs.

Have your own mobile app?

SHAZAM's API can integrate into your app allowing you to offer the same great fraud-fighting tools through your own app.

Streamline your card personalization, production and fulfillment needs

Our CardCreateTM services offers over a Card designs for CardCreatedozen vertical or horizontal card designs for Visa® and Mastercard® consumer, business and HSA. And, any card design can be used for chip, contactless or ATM card needs. If you already use us for all your debit processing needs, we truly can be your one-stop shop!

Benefits for you

  • Prints cards as needed without the cost of a full print-on-demand program or inventory management hassles
  • Consolidates reporting, customer service, training and more — directly with SHAZAM
  • Offers custom card and marketing material creation through our agency services

And the biggest benefit of all? NO MORE buying inventory!

  • NO MORE guessing how many cards you’ll issue before the chip expires and you have to discard excess inventory
  • NO MORE purchasing card stock upfront
  • NO MORE headaches managing the inventory of your card stock

Empower Smarter Decisions with fast, flexible, easy analytics

Graph GraphicSHAZAM Business Intelligence Services empowers you to translate your debit card transaction data into useable insights – ready for action. This easy-to-use, intuitive data platform helps you better understand your customer’s behaviors, which allows you to implement programs and market to customers in a more impactful way.

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Tap + Pay with contactless cards

Contactless cards are quick and easy to use. Cardholder adoption of contactless cards can lead to greater overall spending, top-of-wallet card preference and reduced cash usage, adding more interchange income to your bottom line.

Contactless cards have an EMV® chip enabled with both contact and contactless capability, plus a magnetic stripe. These cards can be dipped, tapped or swiped at a terminal to perform a transaction.

Benefits for you

  • Improved consumer experience
  • Improved portfolio use
  • Enhanced security
  • Global acceptance

Can these cards create a cleaner experience?

Contactless cards are cleaner due to not having to touch the terminal as much, share a card with a merchant or scroll on a phone to pay. Contact us for more information.

Personalization through SHAZAM myPic Studio

Let your debit cardholders create a personalized debit card that’s picture perfect for them. Cardholders can upload their favorite photo of a hobby, pets, loved ones, vacation or pick from the gallery of images. SHAZAM offers card personalization services to help make your card top-of-wallet for purchases through SHAZAM myPic Studio®.

Benefits for you

  • Increase card usage and revenue
  • Instant personal connection
  • Blends seamlessly with your brand
  • Supports Mastercard® debit, Visa® debit and ATM cards with or without an EMV® chip

The program also lets you store cardholders’ customized images for future use, which allows for easy replacement or additional cards.

Did you know that card usage increases 21% with personalization?

Support your local school through a debit card co-branded with both the school’s logo and yours with our affinity program. Or create a design just for your institution to provide cardholders with more diverse options. SHAZAM Marketing Services can even help you create custom card designs!

Choose your PIN with SHAZAM Easy PIN

With SHAZAM Easy PIN®, your cardholders can instantly create their own unique PIN using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. When cardholders choose their PIN, it’s easier for them to remember and eliminates the need or risk of carrying a PIN number in their wallet or purse.

Benefits for you

  • Provides choice and flexibility of how you offer PIN selection
  • Increases security for your cardholders
  • Opens more POS options with PIN-based transactions

Do you want to learn more about ATM, debit and PIN-based transactions?

SHAZAM provides monthly regional training options on a wide variety of topics, including debit card and ATM basic / operations, PIN-based exceptions and many more. Head over to training to learn more.