Fraud and Disputes

SHAZAM offers a full suite of risk management tools to protect your community financial institution. From our powerful portfolio of fraud mitigation solutions, a cardholder dispute management solution and an identity theft support system, you’ll find a comprehensive selection of services at SHAZAM.

Reduce Your Fraud Losses With SHAZAM’s Fraud Management Solution

We’ll help your institution protect your cardholders and reduce fraud losses. SHAZAM’s neural-network fraud management solution is powered by FICO® Falcon®. This powerful tool recognizes patterns and predicts trends using artificial intelligence to detect and stop fraud. Our solution coupled with the expertise of the SHAZAM fraud team is one of the most effective solutions in the industry.

Benefits for you

Each time a cardholder makes a purchase, information contributes to a statistical model based on the cardholder’s individual habits. Our fraud management solution truly knows your cardholders by capturing more than 20 cardholder routines and other factors to construct the intelligence and make decisions about future transactions and the likelihood to be fraudulent.

  • Real-time scoring analyzes and scores each transaction denying or approving instantly based on the thresholds you’ve set
  • Ability to stop fraud losses at the first dollar and eliminate subsequent losses
  • Declined transactions are researched by a SHAZAM fraud specialist and used to further refine the cardholder’s profile
  • Fraud scoring technology is powered by FICO Falcon's latest available version and debit data models

Take a proactive approach with Fraud Advisors

This consultative and investigative service will help you manage the impact of debit card fraud. With a dedicated SHAZAM expert, we can help you be prepared to detect, respond and protect your cardholders from fraud exposure. 

Fraud Advisors provides SHAZAM’s standard fraud offering but adds a structured and proactive solution to issuers.

Benefits for you: 

  • Dedicated resource who analyzes, consults and recommends strategies based on your institution’s fraud performance 
  • Analysis of tagged fraud transactions
  • Customizable cardholder notifications
  • Monthly portfolio performance reporting
  • Access to quarterly fraud user group forum (in addition to current webinars)

Let our dedicated fraud consultant interpret fraud data and recommend changes to help you make decisions and recognize trends. Contact our sales team to learn how to get started. 

Prevent Fraudulent Transactions With SHAZAM Card Block

SHAZAM Card Block gives you the power to manage authorization blocking at the primary account number (PAN) and bank identification number (BIN) levels. The wide array of available blocking criteria allows you to create blocks easily based on cardholder requests and fraud trends identified by your institution.

You can implement blocks by combinations of criteria or just one, for a specific period of time or indefinitely. This tool is easy to use plus the fraud experts at SHAZAM are always available to help you analyze trends and make recommendations.

Avoid Costly Dispute Management With SHAZAM’s Dispute Resolution Services

Let our dispute management experts handle the complex cardholder dispute process on your behalf. SHAZAM will manage inbound cardholder calls, investigations and documentation in a seamless and professional manner for your institution. 

Benefits to your institution

Our team of dedicated dispute representatives will talk with each cardholder and:

  • Gather pertinent information to initiate and process the dispute
  • Collect and manage all dispute information electronically
  • Store all documents and case history
  • Make sure you stay compliant with Regulation E
  • Research and examine each claim
  • Help coordinate merchant communications as needed
  • Investigate fraud-related cases

Our dispute resolution team will always take the time to determine if cardholders have valid disputes and make sure you only issue credits that are merited.

Making Hot Card Replacement Easier

When a cardholder loses their debit card or it’s stolen, getting a replacement card to them quickly and efficiently is important to maintaining a satisfied and loyal consumer.  

Effortlessly issue replacement debit cards to your cardholders when they’re reported as lost or stolen with SHAZAM Hot Card Replacement Service. Our service combines the speed today’s consumer demands while keeping you in control of how the reissue is handled. 

Benefits for you: 

  • Streamlined ordering process for debit cards reported as lost or stolen
  • More efficient for your staff since you decide which cards to reissue
  • Improved user experience for your cardholders

Why is our service even better than many others?

If you decide to reissue the card, all cardholder data and exclusions will be imported at no additional cost — no rekeying or resetting up the account needed. This means that many PAN features on your cardholder’s hot card will be automatically transferred over to their new card, such as travel notices, PAN exclusions or blocks, Brella® registration and more!