SHAZAM's Case Manager Fraud Portal is Live

posted on Tuesday, February 7, 2023 in SHAZAM Blog

SHAZAM is committed to helping financial institutions fight fraud, and we’re continuously working to enhance our fraud protection solutions to offer clients better tools. We’re pleased to introduce our new online fraud portal, Case Manager, to financial institution clients. Case Manager features a centralized location for clients to manage fraud detection cases. Plus, it allows clients to respond to cardholder inquiries in real-time. 

"This new centralized portal is a great example of how SHAZAM is working diligently to provide our clients with the tools, information and efficiencies they need to stay ahead of fraudsters," says Hitesh Joshi, SHAZAM VP of product management. "Case Manager will give our clients access to view and manage critical case information, resulting in a better understanding of their fraud environment, as well as the ability to troubleshoot fraud and assist their cardholders."

The Case Manager portal is an integrated part of our standard SHAZAM Fraud Management offering, automatically available to all SHAZAM Fraud Management users processed by SHAZAM.

Greater Visibility and Control for Financial Institutions

Through Case Manager, SHAZAM clients can:

  • Search cases using a variety of parameters, such as dates, primary account number or bank identification number
  •  See case details, such as cardholder information, financial transaction information and case comments
  • Make notations to cases, including selecting case comments, applying card status, applying case status, applying fraud status (if applicable) and adding or updating transaction tags
  • Export case information for printing or recordkeeping

Contact us today to learn more about how SHAZAM can help strengthen your financial institution. 


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