Be sure your transaction routing choices are working for your bottom line

Many factors exist that influence the ever-changing dynamics of the payments landscape including regulation, technology, competition and consumer adoption. SHAZAM delivers stability, security and a trustworthy partnership approach to help merchants achieve the lowest-cost routing solution.

We actively participate and represent your best interest on the Merchant Advisory Group to drive positive change in payments through collaboration. After all, you should have choice and flexibility in processing transactions, because it’s your business.

Benefits for you

  • A more cost-effective routing option
  • Robust transaction types to meet your business needs
  • Fast, reliable, proven and secure payments network
  • Convenient and speedy checkout for your customers

SHAZAM partners with all U.S. merchant acquirer processors, coast to coast. We work to make things easier and faster for you and help to reduce your routing expense — for every transaction type.  

Are you ready to gain better value from your routing choices?

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