SHAZAM Business Intelligence Services

Conquer your Data Dilemma

We understand that sorting through the vast number of data points available is not always easy. SHAZAM Business Intelligence Services provides a solution to simplify the process. By organizing your data into easy-to-understand visualizations driven by a personal dashboard, you clearly see where growth opportunities and security risks might be. And with available customized reporting, we can drill down into the specific priorities and strategic goals for your business.

Easy to Use

Our personal dashboard provides an intuitive, easy-to-understand guide to all your visuals. You are empowered to transform information to insights to better understand your overall business performance.

Advanced Options

With tiered access options, you choose the level of reporting that best fits your business. For those that are looking for a deeper dive into debit card activity, we provide advanced options as well as custom reporting – you get the information you need, when and how you need it.

Select the Product Level that Suits your Needs


High-level Summary of Activity

In-depth Analytics of Activity

Monthly Business Review
Point of Sale Activity
ATM Analysis
Cardholder and Interchange Insights
Annual Custom Visualization Included 2 hrs 6 hrs
Additional Customizations Available
at a Per Hour Rate