Benefits of an Emerging Leader Program

posted by Jackie Rolow, SPHR on Wednesday, January 1, 2020 in SHAZAM Blog

Organizational studies conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership point to an ever-increasing leadership skills gap in the workplace — resulting in a decline in leadership bench strength. Emerging leader programs are an effective way to address this troubling trend. Consider an emerging leader program at your organization and benefit from these advantages.

Attract top talent

A 2016 workplace survey by LinkedIn Learning revealed that 59 percent of employees joined companies for better career paths or more opportunity. Today’s workforce demands career growth opportunities. When companies can tout tangible programs providing growth opportunities, job seekers take notice. Emerging leader programs are a significant selling point for employers in our increasingly competitive job market.

Retain top talent

Empowering employees with career growth opportunities and the ability to learn new skills in an inspiring company culture can keep them happy. Forty-five percent of departing employees cited the lack of advancement opportunities when leaving their job.

Build bench strength

Enhance your succession plan by offering growth and development opportunities to high-potential employees. This builds bench strength. While these high performers aren’t yet leaders, or are new to leadership roles, you have talent ready to step into key roles.

Engaged culture

Contribute to an engaged culture by implementing an emerging leader program. Engaged employees help build your talent brand and serve as a resource for attracting even more top talent to your organization. Transforming individuals through leadership development also enhances team and organization efficiency.

Your talent pipeline will be improved when you provide opportunities for your top talent to grow and gain new skills. People will stay with your company longer and be well-positioned to make stronger contributions to your business.

Investing in people and developing emerging leaders demonstrates the value of human capital and employee appreciation. If employees feel satisfaction at work, they’ll likely be more productive, work harder toward company goals and help move your organization forward.


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