It's official: Your cardholders can now use the Brella™ app and web portal

posted on Wednesday, May 6, 2020 in SHAZAM Blog

SHAZAM BOLT$ officially relaunched as Brella™ on May 5. The app offers protection for debit cards with real-time alerts and blocks. While we created a new logo and identity for Brella, the user experience and functionality remain the same. Like an umbrella, Brella is there to protect and shield cardholders.

Why now?

We know this is a busy and somewhat overwhelming time for many. We’ve made the transition as seamless as possible so users can continue to monitor and manage their debit cards. 

Right now, more than ever, people are looking to their financial institutions for ways to keep their account information safe. Additionally, with Brella they can locate nearby ATMs and send money to anyone, which is convenient during these times of social distancing.

Free Brella marketing materials available. 
Free marketing materials are available to you to support the change at SHAZAM Power Marketing. Be sure to take advantage of the free Brella digital marketing kit. This kit will help you update your website and other places you communicate about the app.

Are cardholders impacted?

For iOS® users, there’s little to no impact. Brella was released as an automatic update.

Android™ users must download Brella as a new app. If they don’t download Brella, they’ll see a brief message the next time they open BOLT$, directing them to download Brella and delete BOLT$. They can visit the Google Play Store, search “Brella Card Manager,” and download the new Brella app to their device. They can then delete the BOLT$ app.

Once your cardholders have Brella, the transition is seamless, meaning all BOLT$ usernames, passwords, registered cards and app functions continue to work in Brella as they did in BOLT$.
Cardholder safety is important to all of us, and we thank you for your patience during this update. 

SHAZAM is a recognized leader in fraud protection. Recently, fraud and digital experts Liz Little and David McClurg weighed in on using mobile apps such as Brella to put fraud-fighting power into cardholders’ hands. See their comments in the Credit Union Executives Society Special Report, Fraud Prevention: Credit Union Management. 


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