PAR Endorses SHAZAM as a Service Provider for Macha Members

posted on Wednesday, August 30, 2023 in Company News

SHAZAM, the member-owned debit network, processor and core provider, is pleased to announce our endorsement by Payment Advisory Resource (PAR), Macha's for-profit compliance services subsidiary serving financial institutions, businesses, and municipalities throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Hawaii. 

Both organizations share a common vision of putting their members first by improving and evolving the payment processes to maximize business efficiencies and profits. PAR is recognized among its members as their primary resource for questions, training and expertise for all their payment needs. SHAZAM is uniquely positioned in the payments industry as the only member-owned, independent debit network, processor and core provider supporting community banks with a mission of strengthening financial institutions, just like yours. 

“We have been with SHAZAM for over 10 years and are very happy with the strategic partnership,” says Mark Nelson, Horicon Bank’s Executive Vice President, CIO/COO. “They are more than a debit card company with a strong tech stack available including APIs for card controls and faster payments support.” 

The endorsement further solidifies the existing relationship between SHAZAM and Macha/PAR. Macha/PAR uses SHAZAM as their credit card processor and several of Macha’s financial institution members use SHAZAM as their trusted debit network partner. 

“Earning the endorsement of PAR is a validation of SHAZAM’s commitment to keeping financial institutional partners strong and competitive,” said Paul Waltz, SHAZAM’s President and CEO. “We look forward to bringing our affordable and reliable payments solutions to more members.”

SHAZAM and PAR believe in increasing the understanding and use of payment networks by providing education, operational support, and advocacy to payments professionals. SHAZAM turns their advocacy into action through their unmatched support of Macha/PAR events. SHAZAM’s Diana Kern, Manish Nathwani and Patrick Dix have made it a priority to speak at Macha’s conferences, sharing their knowledge and expertise about the innerworkings of the payments industry. 

“SHAZAM is a strong advocate for community financial institutions. When chips were put into cards, they ensured fair routing was built in which preserved interchange,” says Nelson. “This is just one of many examples in which SHAZAM provides great interchange value while delivering top notch customer support. It says a lot when our support team tells me that they are one of the best vendors we work with for support and projects.”  

To learn more about how your bank can improve net profitability and experience exceptional customer service from SHAZAM's team of experts, contact Cynthia Glover, VP, Strategic Alliances at or one of our specialists by filling out this form.  
If you have questions about Macha’s endorsement, please contact Mary Gilmeister, Macha/PAR President & CEO at

Register for Macha Electronic Payments Conference

SHAZAM is proud to be a sponsor of Macha’s Electronic Payments Conference. The annual event takes place Oct. 17 – 19 in Middleton, Wisconsin. SHAZAM senior trainer, Diana Kern, AAP, is offering a breakout session about mitigating debit card fraud as part of the conference. If you’re a payments and/or technology professional involved in any aspect of payments processing and innovation this conference is well worth your time. Register now at

About PAR:
A for-profit subsidiary of the member-based organization Macha, PAR serves as the premier resource on ACH auditing and compliance for financial institutions and businesses. Established in 2011, PAR is the primary resource in assisting their members navigate the ever-changing payments landscape. Knowledge of all payment systems is critical in today’s environment as payments continue to evolve. PAR is recognized as an industry leader in the performance of ACH Audits. For more information, visit

SHAZAM is the only nationwide independent, member-owned debit network, processor and core provider supporting banks and credit unions. Since we don’t answer to shareholders, we can reinvest profits in technologies our clients need as they serve the next generation of consumers. SHAZAM ensures our clients have the products and services they demand and expect in a cost-effective way. Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Iowa, we’re a leader in payments and financial technology, with a simple mission: Strengthening financial institutions. Visit us today at

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