SHAZAM keeps payments humming despite COVID-19

posted on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 in SHAZAM Blog

SHAZAM is consistently one of the fastest and most reliable authorization networks in the industry, as ranked by Mastercard and Visa. During the last three years, SHAZAM’s uptime has been among the best in the industry and has always ranked among the highest uptime of any network since SHAZAM’s entrance into the business in 1976.

COVID-19 has not changed any of that, although card activity has shifted significantly from point-of-sale transactions to online transactions from home computers and smartphones. SHAZAM offers some insight into card usage trends in an interview with the Des Moines Business Record: A glimpse inside the card payments world amid COVID-19.

While the Coronavirus has relocated most SHAZAM employees to a work from home setting, we did so easily because we were prepared. The focus of our 2019 annual “tabletop” business continuity exercise was planning for a pandemic. Not that we have a crystal ball, but our preparation paid off, and the SHAZAM network is humming right along.

One less thing for community banks and credit unions to deal with right now.


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