SHAZAM Core Services. When you choose SHAZAM, you're choosing a responsive partner.

posted by Kelli Landry on Wednesday, March 31, 2021 in SHAZAM Blog

Did you know that SHAZAM has a core system that offers a flexible end-to-end bank platform? Featuring the latest advancements in core banking software?

Unlike many other cores, you’re not required to use specific systems or partners, and we don’t have exclusivity clauses. We’ll work as your partner to give you the flexibility to select the applications you need to meet your unique needs.

Exceptional personal service is our standard and our size allows us to develop “tighter relationships with our customers,” said Tony Lisenby, senior vice president of client implementation services and core implementation, in a recent BankBeat feature article.

When you choose SHAZAM, you’re choosing a responsive partner. The bundle of services SHAZAM offers rivals our competitors at a significantly better value.

Check out SHAZAM Core Services:

  • Parameter-driven, allowing your core to grow as your business grows
  • Standard modules, include deposits, loans, general ledger and accounts payable
  • Built-in rewards checking module
  • Powerful Backoffice functionality
  • ACH and wire capabilities
  • LookOut® solution for BSA/AML 
  • Cardinal Insight, our robust custom report writer
  • Teller platform with branch capture
  • New accounts platform
  • Choice and flexibility via API integrations
  • Seamless integration to SHAZAM’s entire suite of debit processing and network services and SHAZAM digital banking
  • Now featuring FileX, our digital information management system!

SHAZAM’s one of three companies in the payments industry that fully owns its core, is a nationally accepted debit and brand network, and offers complete debit processing services.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current core or want to hear more about SHAZAM’s, contact your regional director, they’d be happy to talk with you. Or request a core experience demo today!

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