SHAZAM Celebrates Financial Institutions Making a Difference During Community Banking Month

posted by Paul Waltz on Tuesday, April 11, 2023 in SHAZAM Blog

April marks Community Banking Month, a national celebration recognizing the many contributions banks make to their customers and communities. In Iowa, where SHAZAM is headquartered, Community Bankers of Iowa is encouraging members to spread the word about how community banks are, “Making a Difference on Main Street.” 

I know firsthand how community banks and credit unions make a difference on main street. My dad owned the local community bank in the small Iowa town I grew up in. I saw how his support of our neighbors and their businesses helped our town.    

As President and CEO of SHAZAM, I see how financial institutions make a difference in the towns they call home. From lending to small business owners and farmers, to providing essential banking services, community financial institutions support their customer’s financial goals. This investment creates new opportunities for businesses to start up or grow, resulting in a stronger community.  

Accountholders can count on their local financial institution to have their best interests at heart. That’s because community financial institutions have a vested interest in the success of the local communities where they live, work and play. The people who work at their local financial institution know their accountholders by name because they are a part of the community. This familiarity helps local financial institutions understand their accountholder's needs and provide personalized service. 

A community financial institution's impact goes beyond the financial solutions they provide.  Most are very active at every level of the community, providing leadership and financial support. Hometown pride is evident because it is woven into the fabric of what it means to be a community, what it means to be a community financial institution. 

Vibrant communities inspire SHAZAM’s mission of: Strengthening financial institutions. We take pride in being a full financial services provider, helping our community financial institutions grow and prosper. We understand financial institutions face a future full of rapidly changing technology, shifting consumer behaviors and new waves of industry regulations. We solve these challenges by providing choices in innovative payment solutions, proactive fraud prevention, security services, core solutions and more — all within our member owned structure.  A structure that allows us to stay completely focused on the community financial institutions we serve. 

We believe people are important, relationships matter, great service should be a way of life and trust is everything. By investing in each other we are helping to make a difference on main street. So, as we celebrate Community Banking Month, we thank every banker that makes a difference in their community.   

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