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Let your cardholders create a personalized debit card that's picture perfect for them! SHAZAM myPic Studio® lets your customers choose an image to use on their debit card. It could be their family, friends, pet, even a favorite vacation spot...the options are endless.

Build Brand Awareness

Your cardholder's customized card will display their chosen image plus your financial institution's logo giving your business more exposure. It will blend seamlessly with your brand and supports MasterCard® debit, Visa® debit, and traditional ATM cards with or without an EMV® chip.

Convenient With Many Design Options

Cardholders upload their favorite photo or select one from the gallery of images your financial institution offers — all from the convenience and comfort of their home. They can scale, flip and rotate their image plus choose from three different display options until the design is perfect!

Increase Usage

When your cardholders design their own debit card, they can't wait to start using it. They'll feel an immediate connection with it since they personally designed it! Once they have their personalized debit card, it's sure to be their favorite; and the one they'll keep on the top of their wallet and use most.

For More Information

Contact a regional director of sales for information on how SHAZAM myPic Studio or other plastics programs can benefit your business.