The financial industry has undergone significant change. We've witnessed an explosion of technology along with a shift in consumer behavior. As the financial services sector evolves, so do we. 

We're on course with an unprecedented investment in innovation, research and development to deliver solutions that protect the future of our diverse clients. We're preparing for the next generation of consumers, ensuring our clients have the products and services they demand and expect in a cost-effective way. 

Gain efficiencies with our payments solution

SHAZAM can help you push transactions directly to your customers, allowing them instant access to money. Our payments solution will help shorten the payment process and save you valuable time.

SHAZAM has built highly effective portals into the U.S. payments systems that our clients can plug into, allowing you to reach nearly every direct deposit account in the U.S. Our faster payments solution offers instant reconciliation, availability of funds and is an ideal solution for business-to-consumer payments.

Benefits to your fintech company

  • Meet market demand: Stay relevant and competitive while meeting the demand for faster and better payment methods.
  • Instant payments: Funds are immediately sent from you to your customers increasing their satisfaction.
  • Universal distribution: Extremely wide reach to nearly every customer account through our extensive network connections.
  • Guaranteed delivery: Unlike ACH transactions or paper checks, our solution is considered guaranteed upon receipt.