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SHAZAM was built on providing innovative, competitive, and cost-effective services for you and your customers. Our suite of ATM services are specifically designed to increase the profitability and efficiency of your ATM program. When you partner with SHAZAM, you'll have the following ATM standard processing services:

  • Cash withdrawals
  • Envelope or no envelope deposits
  • Merchandise dispensing
  • Funds transfer
  • Balance inquiries
  • Coupon dispensing
  • Dynamic-Currency Conversion (DCC)
  • PIN change at the ATM
  • ATM Locator

SHAZAM also offers many feature-rich ATM services that will help you gain valuable information about your customers, manage your fleet of ATMs, and achieve your business goals.

ATM Marketing Services

ATM Data Exchange offers access to your ATMs' transaction data, device faults, and supervisor activity to quickly and easily troubleshoot and resolve balancing issues and disputes for your customers. With ATM Data Exchange, you’ll also be able to create custom, cost-effective marketing campaigns for display on your ATMs.

ATM Targeted Marketing offers interactive marketing campaigns specific to your customers. Choose from a variety of marketing campaigns through SHAZAM or create your own. You'll gain valuable information on the products and services your customers want; and will have the perfect opportunity to generate additional business.

ATM Personalization allows your customer to set and control their individual preferences, such as account (checking or savings), language, receipt (yes or no), and withdrawal amounts. Your customers will value the convenience and time-savings your ATMs offer.

Privileged Status

With SHAZAM's Privileged Status® program, you can offer your customers access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs throughout the country, and at no additional cost to you! Privileged Status ATMs are easy to find using SHAZAM's Privileged Status ATM locator. Your customers will appreciate the cost-savings and convenience Privileged Status offers and will reward you with their continued business.

SHAZAM Monitor Plus

With SHAZAM Monitor Plus, managing your fleet of ATMs is easy! No matter how many ATMs you have, maintain control and manage them when it’s convenient for you and your staff. You'll be able to update your contact information, 24/7, so you can receive timely notifications regarding changes in your ATM fleet's status. Monitor Plus also offers a wealth of reporting information to help you manage any issues and eliminate downtime.

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