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Crime Response Training

Why do bank robbers choose one branch location over another? Where's the best place to put your security cameras? Nothing is more important than keeping yourself, your employees and your customers safe. As the violence of robbery continues to harm financial institutions across the nation, are you prepared?

SHAZAM now offers crime response training for the financial services sector with robbery and crisis management consultant Mike Burke. Mike has over 30 years of experience in law enforcement (investigating bank robberies), training and curriculum development, loss prevention and the criminal justice field.

We offer a variety of training to best suit your needs.

Threat Assessment

Don't wait until after a crisis hits to think about a threat assessment. Let SHAZAM become your partner in deterring tragedy from striking. SHAZAM's threat assessment is done on location at your financial institution. Through the assessment, strengths and weaknesses will be identified in training, procedures and physical security elements. Learn to deter disaster before it hits.

Robbery Course

The one‑hour robbery course will provide you with realistic skills to prepare, respond and recover in the event a robbery happens. During this on-location course, participants will be presented with different robbery scenarios, discover how to spot suspicious activity, learn the steps to take to mediate a robbery and hear about compliance requirements. Participants' robbery plans will be tested through a mock robbery scenario. This course is offered before or after regular business hours.

Active Shooter Workshop

Ten minutes. That's how long most active shooter incidents take. Any financial institution can be a target, so every institution should know exactly what to do in those ten minutes of crisis. During this one‑hour active shooter workshop at your location, participants will:

  • Discover different types of active shooters
  • Learn the steps to take if an incident happens
  • Run through a scenario-based practical exercise
  • Understand the recovery process of Psychological First Aid and Reunification

The active shooter workshop is offered before or after regular business hours.

Internal Retail Theft presentation

Internal retail theft is a $50 billion enterprise in the United States annually. Identifying how they steal and the measures to take to stop it is critical for your bottom‑line. This one‑hour presentation will identify the criminal thought process, how they're stealing from you, how to take away those opportunities for theft and how to conduct an interview to regain your losses.

Be Prepared

Your initial consultation is free. We'll talk with you about your needs and provide a customized quote for your training session. Whether you want one resource, or all three, we can help. For a free quote, call 800-537-5427, ext. 2903, or email mburke@shazam.net.