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You Are the Network

The SHAZAM Network was founded in 1976 and is one of the last remaining national member-owned financial services providers and debit processors in the industry. SHAZAM's vision is to be THE trusted partner providing answers, choice and innovation through delightful experiences. SHAZAM is a single-source provider of the following services: core, risk management, card, ATM, marketing, merchant, mobile and automated clearing house (ACH).

Our board of directors are leaders from community financial institutions, like yours, and strive to make decisions that will benefit you and your customers. Our mission is to strengthen community financial institutions. We believe people and relationships matter and that trust, above all, creates strong business relationships. You have a voice at SHAZAM and together we make a difference.

SHAZAM is a not-for-profit corporation. We believe all financial institutions are entitled to the same features, services, and affordable rates. This continues to be the driving force behind every decision we make.

At SHAZAM, we consistently strive to keep entry costs the lowest in the industry; while continuing to provide the personal service and reliability we're known for. You're important to your community and to the financial industry. Our job at SHAZAM is to help you succeed by offering the best technology and convenience for your customers. Today, we remain committed to providing cost-effective products and services that help you compete effectively and meet your business goals, including:

  • Core Services
  • Platform Services
  • Compliance Services
  • ATM Services
  • Card Services
  • Mobile Services
  • Brand Services
  • Fraud Services
  • Merchant Services
  • Marketing Services
  • Risk Management Services
  • ACH Services
  • Data Services
  • Support Services

SHAZAM works because we believe financial institutions, like yours, should remain in control of the financial services industry. At SHAZAM, we're your partner; not your competitor.

For More Information

Contact a SHAZAM Solution Specialist for information about how partnering with SHAZAM will benefit your business.