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Jack Mulhall

I’ve seen multiple different areas within my 10+ year career, but I’ve always gravitated to helping invigorate organizations with new relationships, partnerships and opportunities. With a consulting background, I want to make sure I can share my knowledge to create growth and revenue. You’re probably not surprised to hear that my family is originally from Ireland, but I’m a midwestern now. I’m originally from the Paris of the Midwest (Omaha, NE), but you can now find me in Chicago, IL. And you’ll likely find me enjoying plants and staying active with my dog Ollie.

Jack Mulhall

Amy Gates

Amy Gates

I’m confident my rich history in sales has shown many clients, across many industries, that I’m focused on their success and growth. As an experienced leader, I have a solid track record of partnering and working with clients on business opportunities to help increase their market share. The ability to meet with companies, learn about their key differentiators and finding solutions together is the favorite part of my job. In my free time I like to spend time with family and friends, traveling, yoga or taking a walk / bike ride.

Ann-Marie Day

I’m coming up on nearly 20 years in my professional career. In that time, I’ve spent more than 7 years in financial services and over 10 years in the insurance space. I’ve worn multiple hats in that time and seen many facets of business. From marketing to product to client management, I’ve found that having a well-rounded background allows me to produce positive outcomes not only for the organizations I work for, but also for the organizations partnerships and my relationships. I’m married with 3 kids — 2 girls and 1 boy — and we love being outside! I also enjoy traveling, running and cooking. But I also won’t miss relaxing in front of the TV watching a good true crime documentary.

Ann Marie Day
Aaron Fenton

Aron Fenton

I bring a dynamic blend of expertise to the team, drawing from my diverse career spanning sales, manufacturing/engineering, and data analytics. My professional background helps me connect and support clients in reaching their goals. When I’m not immersed in the professional arena, I enjoy supporting my daughter in her competitive swimming pursuits. I have a passion for sports and you can usually find me cheering for the Packers, Cubs and University of Arizona. I grew up in sunny Tucson, AZ but now call Des Moines, IA home, where I enjoy the company of my beloved French Bulldog Lua.

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