International ATM Use

SHAZAM is a regional ATM network in the United States. To find ATMs in another country, check your card for the logo of an international network such as Cirrus® or Plus®, then use the appropriate ATM locator:

Cirrus Logo

Use the MasterCard® ATM locator if your card has a Cirrus Logo.



Use the Visa® ATM locator if your card has a Plus logo.


Presto! Surcharge-Free Network

SHAZAM has partnered with Publix®'s Presto! Network to expand our surcharge-free access to more than 900 ATMs throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Participation in Presto! is optional, so ask your financial institution if they participate in the Presto! surcharge-free network.

Presto! Logo

Use the Publix® Store Locator to find a Presto! ATM near you.