Customized Training

Looking for training and education customized specifically for your business? At SHAZAM we’re committed to providing you with personalized solutions as unique as your organization. We can help you quickly achieve your goals by providing the flexibility to meet your specific needs.

Deliver The Right Message Through Media Relations Training

Local news organizations are hungry for fresh content and credible experts. You have the opportunity to help feed local media outlets with valuable information while gaining invaluable exposure for your brand. SHAZAM Media Relations training can also help you learn how to move your organization out of disaster mode quickly and toward a resolution that minimizes damage to your brand and reputation.

Benefits for you

It takes preparation and practice to expand your media contacts and deliver a strategic message that promotes your brand. SHAZAM Media Relations training:

  • Teaches you how to create a newsworthy story and facilitate a conversation
  • Explains how to craft an interview message and answer tough questions
  • Shows you how to write social media posts that are viewed and generate engagement
  • Develops confidence in up-and-coming leaders with on-camera training
  • Helps you take control of your reputation during a critical incident

The following training courses can be scheduled individually or in any combination:

  • Media fundamentals
  • Advanced interview techniques
  • Purposeful social media
  • Media training for leaders

Wondering who could benefit from media relations training?

Your president / CEO, loan officer, operations manager, lead teller, head of security, compliance officer and marketing manager all have the opportunity to speak with media.

protect your staff and reduce risk to your reputation with Crisis management training

Strong security deters attacks. SHAZAM’s experienced crisis management consultants will train your team to decrease vulnerabilities and put protective measures in place before a crisis. Plus, crisis management training is required as part of your business continuity plan.

Courses available

  • Robbery course
  • Active shooter workshop
  • Threat assessment

Presentations available

  • Internal retail theft
  • Card skimming and cloning

Find out more about our crisis management training.

Customize EFT topics to meet your needs

Almost any topic in our industry can be crafted into a training session specifically for you and your business needs. Customized training can include popular topics such as:

  • Brella®
  • SHAZAM myPic Studio®
  • Fraud management
  • Chargebacks
  • Disputes
  • And more

Contact the SHAZAM training department at 800-537-5427 to learn how SHAZAM's training services can benefit your business.