Keynote Sessions

Standout Relationships...Life Would Be Easy, if it Weren't for Other People

Connie Podesta, Author of 10 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd

How you choose to relate to, communicate with, be accountable to, resolve conflict with and garner respect from other people will directly impact your ability to attract and sustain healthy relationships so you can lead, manage, produce, collaborate, enjoy life, stay healthy, be happy and...experience success.

With laugh-out-loud humor, killer take-away strategies and amazing insights into ourselves and others (including a few who "drive you crazy"), human relations expert Connie Podesta will both challenge you and empower you with the knowledge you need to get along better with the people in your life. Connie will take you right inside the minds and personalities of the people you deal with every day so YOU can ACT, rather than REACT to whatever life throws your way. Get ready for less stress and more success!

A Different Kind of Career: Undercover in the CIA

Jim Olson, Former Chief Counterintelligence of the CIA

Imagine living a lie for 31 years. That's what Jim Olson and his wife Meredith did while spying for the CIA. Spying for his country was the furthest thing from his mind when Jim, a farm boy from Iowa, received a mysterious phone call that changed his life forever. In his presentation, Jim takes you inside the real world of being a CIA spy. He describes the rigorous training they receive and the difficult dilemmas that they face in the field on a daily basis. Jim will also discuss the role of the CIA in the current Global War on Terrorism and other current issues affecting the safety and security of American citizens. Finally, Jim will describe an actual espionage operation he and his wife carried out in Moscow at the height of the Cold War.

General Sessions

Current State of Banking in America

David Adelman, Principal & Director, Cornerstone Government Affairs
Jimmy Centers, Vice President for Strategic Communications, Cornerstone Government Affairs
Matt Hinch, Senior Vice President, Cornerstone Government Affairs
Matt Paul, Senior Vice President for Public Affairs, Cornerstone Government Affairs

When Washington debates the rules and regulations that govern the banking industry, it's hard to believe one voice or one organization's effort to advocate can matter, but today more than ever your institution can play a critical role in shaping the debates and the outcome.

In our first general session of the 2018 Forum, SHAZAM will gather some of the most experienced political minds in Washington. Our panelists have run presidential campaigns, federal agencies, have lobbied successfully at the state and local level and understand the messages that resonate with policymakers. They'll describe the climate for banking reform at the state and federal level, and explain how you can effectively add your voice to the causes most important to community financial institutions.

Spectrum of Fraud Mitigation Tools for Your Success

Liz Little, Fraud Consultant

In the first part of this 90 minute session, Liz will address industry fraud trends and how to combat them using FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager rules and SHAZAM Card Block. She’ll discuss a spectrum of industry fraud topics including skimming, EMV® fallback, ATM liability shift and delayed liability shift for automated fuel dispenser (AFD) terminals.

The second part of the session will focus on SHAZAM fraud prevention tools, enhancements and future SHAZAM initiatives to help strengthen your fraud mitigation strategy.

Banking and Payments in a Device–Driven World

Manish Nathwani, SVP Product Development

2017 brought a wave of refrigerators that restock groceries, cars that pay for gas (inside the car!) and Amazon® Dash buttons that reorder dishwashing soap, baby diapers, allergy relief medicines and everything else you used to buy at the local grocery store. The rise of electronic commerce and “Fintech” has brought about emerging technologies to facilitate new and convenient ways to pay, with less friction, and new ways to authenticate. It’s no doubt a challenge to keep up on the consumer demand for mobile banking offerings, while innovating to leverage new technologies. During this session Manish will recap mobile banking and payment trends and discuss how SHAZAM can help your organization stay competitive in the ever–changing digital world.

Peer to Peer Networking

Establish priceless relationships with attendees while discussing industry hot topics during our Peer to Peer Networking session. Topics will include chargebacks, responding to fraud, regulation and compliance, brand differentiation or whatever hot topic or decision your financial institution is facing. Please RSVP for this popular event when you register.

SHAZAM Strategy & Roadmap

Dan Heimann, Head of Enterprise Brand Strategy
Bruce Hopkins, Head of Enterprise Processing Strategy
Manish Nathwani, SVP Product Development

During this session Dan and Bruce will share updates on SHAZAM’s product development achievements this past year and provide a first look at our new product roadmap strategy. Have feedback about product enhancements or new product developments you’d like to see in the future? Stop by the exhibit hall during the event to speak with Dan, Bruce and members of the network products team.

Roundtable Discussions

Patrick Dix, VP Public Relations
Steve Heston, EVP, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

During our final general session you’ll have the opportunity to provide us with your thoughts and ideas when you participate in an interactive activity led by Pat and Steve. More session details will be sent to Forum attendees prior to the event.

Breakout Sessions

Card Skimming

Mike Burke, Robbery and Crisis Management Consultant

Be smart. Be protected. When you understand the fine details of skimming and cloning cards, everyone stays safe. In this breakout presentation, Mike will give examples of skimmers at the ATM, POS terminals and fuel dispensers along with cameras that capture PINs. Real life photos will show exactly what to look for while videos will highlight how thieves set up these devices and steal from financial institutions, accountholders and merchants. Finally, Mike will perform a live demonstration that’ll emphasize just how quick and easy it is to clone a card and make an immediate transaction.

Cures for Your Aching (Charge)back

Diana Kern, Senior Trainer

In this session, Diana will cover five common chargeback pain points, including disputes resulting from free trial offers, mishandling of hot cards and maintaining consistent procedures across your frontline staff. You’ll leave with key takeaways that’ll help you find relief. Diana will also introduce you to the Visa® Claims Resolution mandate and the anticipated Mastercard® chargebacks changes coming this fall. Finally, learn how our Dispute Resolution Services can provide permanent relief by handling the entire chargeback process on your behalf.

How to Boost Your Profitability with Data

Moderator: Kevin Christensen, SVP Market Intelligence and Data Analytics
Panelists: Catherine Cluney, Senior Client Executive
Matt Dix, Senior Client Executive
Laura McBride, Senior Client Executive
Eric Westergaard, Senior Client Executive

Analytics are central to running a successful business. Understanding profitability and data can help enhance product offerings, drive down cost, improve marketing efforts and much more. All of which can then help maximize value and incentivize accountholders to do more business with you. During this session Kevin will lead a panel of SHAZAM Client Executives to help explain the card / ATM program data available and how it can enhance efficiencies in other areas of your business. You’ll also learn how SHAZAM can help you boost revenue and improve accountholder satisfaction and retention.

SHAZAM Core Services Demo*

Tim White, Sales Engineer

SHAZAM’s Cardinal Core is a single, holistic nonmodularized solution for data processing. Everything is included with this base core system, saving you time and money. Tim will take you step–by–step through the core platform, showing you the basics and demonstrating how easy it is to learn and use. He’ll also explain how our platform can processes deposits and loans as well as connect customer relationships. Finally, Tim will highlight how SHAZAM Core Services meets all of your core processing needs, including full conversion services, personalized training and ongoing professional support.

*This session is for any attendee whose bank is currently not using SHAZAM Core Services.

Q & A with SHAZAM Fraud Services*

Liz Little, Fraud Consultant

Have questions on SHAZAM Card Block? Not sure when to apply PAN exclusions? Seeing an increase in card skimming in your town? Bring all your fraud–related questions to our Q&A breakout with Liz Little. She’ll be able to answer your questions from FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager to compromised cards to decline codes and provide advice. In order for attendees to have the best experience and get feedback, seating is limited. Please sign up during registration.

*Limited seating. Must sign up during registration.