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Let SHAZAM handle the complex dispute process on your behalf and eliminate the need for a dedicated specialist on your staff. We'll manage inbound cardholder calls, investigations and documentation in a seamless and professional manner for your institution.

Dedicated call center
SHAZAM has a team of dispute representatives to answer inbound cardholder calls and inquiries. Our team will provide a convenient, comfortable and consistent experience for your cardholders. Representatives will talk with each cardholder and collect all the pertinent information to initiate and manage both fraudulent and non‑fraudulent cases.

Avoid high‑cost, manual dispute management
You won't need to worry about storing documents and case history — we'll do that for you. Our staff will collect all dispute information and follow an efficient and convenient electronic documentation process.

Investigation and resolution
SHAZAM dispute representatives will conduct a thorough investigation of each claim and our dispute management system captures all findings for documentation purposes. SHAZAM will process chargebacks as needed, reopen cases for representments and investigate fraud-related cases. Upon findings and approvals, your institution will issue credits (provisional and final) based on information provided by SHAZAM and your cardholder.

Regulatory requirements and compliance
There is much to consider and manage when handling dispute claims. With Dispute Resolution Services, your institution will have an established process and system in place so you can stay compliant with Regulation E. In addition, SHAZAM will provide the needed support to help your institution notify cardholders of the procedure to report a dispute.

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