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Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are becoming more attractive and increasingly popular with consumers as a way to fight escalating health care costs and save money for retirement. With a SHAZAM HSA, customers can select a high-deductible, tax-deferred health savings plan in which individuals and employers may contribute pre-tax dollars to cover future medical expenses.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Revenue

SHAZAM HSA participants will enjoy being able to quickly and easily pay for their qualified medical expenses. With just a swipe of their HSA debit cards, funds will be automatically deducted from their accounts. Plus, every time your customers use their HSA debit cards, your financial institution will generate additional revenue through interchange.

Retain Current and Attract New Customers

When your financial institution offers a HSA through SHAZAM, existing customers will appreciate the cost-saving benefits and look to you for additional products and services. The program can also attract new customers interested in HSAs, providing you an opportunity to gain more business.

For More Information

Contact a regional director of sales to learn more about the value of SHAZAM's HSA program.