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Give your business customers greater spending power and flexibility through the SHAZAM Business Debit Card Program. You'll be able to offer your business customers a debit card through MasterCard® or Visa® which they'll be able to customize with features to best meet their needs.

Individual Customized Spending Limits

A SHAZAM business debit card enables your customers to set spending limits for each of their employees' cards. Establishing limits will allow them to control their expenses while still giving their employees instant purchasing power.

Easy Account Management

Your customers will receive detailed monthly statements, so they can easily manage their account reconciliation, expense reporting, and identification of tax deductions.

Grow Your Financial Institution

A business debit card through SHAZAM will help your financial institution increase revenue and reduce check processing costs — which benefits your bottom line. And your customers will appreciate the control and savings SHAZAM's Business Debit Card Program offers. The program provides an opportunity to strengthen your existing relationships, while you attract new customers.

For More Information

Contact a regional director of sales about how our business debit card program can strengthen your success.